Great DIY projects for used water bottles


You probably have a lot of water bottles lying around, and you need to recycle and reuse them. Do it yourself home projects are generally very cool. There is a feeling of satisfaction when you turn trash into something useful. Here are a few ideas of things to make out of water bottles.
1. Vertical Garden
Cut a medium sized curved hole in the middle, put some soil and plant flowers. Hung the bottle with two strings from the two ends. More such bottles create a beautiful vertical garden.
2. Create a bottle supply cup
Make bottle cups to house pens and office supplies.
3. Make a water can
Close the lid and make small holes. It is a perfect water can for your small garden.
4. Create a piggy bank
Close the bottle and make one small incision to the side. It makes a classic piggy bank.
5. Make water filters
Take a two little bottle and put some coarse sand. Place a clean cloth at the top and use it to filter water.
6. Build an outdoor broom
Shred the bottom part of the bottle into tiny pieces. Insert a stick at the neck of the bottle. You have a very nice outdoor broom.